Schmulb's dismontable giant cardboard furniture.
Realized in my workshop for show scenery and exhibitions for the prevention of the accident risks in the home.
So that the adults can put themselves in the place of a child, in front of dangers at home.
  • High oversized chair
  • Schmulb beside the cardboard highchair
  • Sylvie next to the giant chair baby
  • Back of the giant baby chair
  • Details of the high chair
  • Red chair oversized cardboard
  • Giant chair
  • Back of the giant chair
  • Oversized blue cardboard chair
  • Giant stair
  • Sylvie on oversized staircase
  • staircase oversized cardboard
  • Giant stove
  • Cardboard cooker
  • producing a oversized cardboard cooker
  • Yellow giant cardboard table
  • Red giant table
  • Giant sized table
  • Ironing giant
  • Oversized ironing board
  • Ironing board giant
Giant furniture
Oversized cardboard furniture

Eg size dismontable furniture
- Higth chair: 4parts. height 2,30 meters
- Stove: 7parts: height: 1,95 meter
- Chair: 4parts: Height: 1,80 m
- Iironing board: 4parts. Height: 1,85 m
Roast on slides and foldable feet for the kings of ironing board
- Cardboard table: 8 parts
- Giant stair: 14parts

Sylvie and Jean-Marc painting the top of the gas stove and the baby chair
The control knobs are not posed yet

Schmulb sitting on one of its giants furniture