Three beautiful furniture shaped feet. Two used bar and the third small dresser. Very durable since made with Schmulb method; They are of course to sustainable use.

Cardboard furniture shaped feet
Cardboard furniture shaped feet:

Versatile and charming with its three drawers on metal runners and door that opens down, here is the foot in plain cardboard made by Magali. The four missing nails, be installed after the laying of the kraft paper.
Again, we can see on this picture the great visual cleanliness of the work performed to Schmulb workshop.

Cardboard furniture that looks like a foot
Convenient or cardboard furniture shaped foot, made in training by Valerie. With a cupboard door and drawer.

Furniture foot shape for storing bottle
The cardboard furniture Elsa is great!
This bar bottle holder has three drawers that are not shown here, which represent the toe nails and a nice niche for storing pending cocktail glasses.