Back of paper mache sculpture   Gloria. Papier mache sculpture

Papier mache sculpture gloria

Papier mache for the column and carved plaster for the base.
To the image of the idea which emerges!
Ôooo! I have an idea! Gloria!

Note that the hat is equipped with a sensory ultra receiving transmitter for influancials protons. No arm, because it is not sufficient for gloria, but a propeller, made of a mache ultra alloy of paper, whose only researchers of Schmulb Pro know the formula. :-)

Top of papier mache sculpture Gloria
Bottom of sculpture gloria

Gloria column kit: Especially conceived to be taken along everywhere. Camp-site, spade screw, angling, sea, mountain, etc

Schmulb and papier mache sculpture
Chery, you have beautiful eyes, you know!

Caution: The Gloria column is carried out without mouldings, not others combine, it is 100% Schmulb hand made!
Base is carved in plaster.

Cardboard's dragon and paper mache busts
made by the children of the village school