Schmulb cardboard dragon Realization of 3 cardboard dragons out of visual art at the school

Cardboard dragon at school
Blue cardboard dragon
Cardboard dragon Heads of cardboard dragon
Papier mache busts at school Papier mache and cardboard busts,
carried out by pupils of 10 and 11 years

papier mache busts

making papier mache bust

Openly climbing the various stages of this realization, the young participants, discover the multiplicity of the forms, and have topush their observations in this direction.
Such is the hard law of modelling but the result is worth the journey. The caricatural style allows errors and can be used as release, by simplifying the access to the concept of volume in space.

paper mache busts

How to make a bust with some old newspapers and corrugated cardboard! Here an exercise which tallies perfectly with the progress of the sculptor vis-a-vis to the matter

On this photograph, you see me, lavishing Schmulb advice!