Papier mache "Gaufrage" lessons : Learn how to manufacture a large head of carnival.
Very light, because conceived with a particular method, only of cardboard and paper. Posed on your shoulders, with your face which will be with height of the neck of the character. This large head will be solid usable lasting of the years and even transformable.
With this papier mache sculpture training course, you will learn all the techniques from paper mache in 5, 10 or 15 days. ( one, two or three weeks )
I to move in any part of the world to give you this lesson.

Paper mache elephant
Modeling and paper mache sculpture of an elephant.

papier mache dragon head paper mache dragon head
Dragon head

Sculpture of an elegant rabbit
Aristocrat rabbit paper mache

papier mache sculpture balance
Equilibre. Papier mache sculpture made with Schmulb pulp technique".

Puss is a very good Schmulb's website to see other sculptures. Clik Here
Schmulbs staircase made paper mache
Staircase made with paper mache

Making a statue of manga
Realization of the statue of a manga character.

Learning sculpture
Student carving a Geisha

hair papier mache sculpture

sculpture fertility deesse
Goddess of fertility

Dragon and paper mache workshop with school children.