Some examples of chairs design made from cardboard during internship. With scrolls or not, ribbon or baroque or flat type.
As for a stool, such foundations may suffer during its use, if it switch from front to rear and left to right. That is reason, and to be truly sustainable, it requires a perfectly designed structure, what is exactly the case with methods Schmulb.

Design cardboard chairs These design chairs cardboard, like all those on this page were made during professional training.

Cardboard chair Model "ribbon" designed by Schmulb

Paperboard chair
Cardboard chair "ribbon" type with flat sides.

design chair
Original design for Valerie's chair straight.

Big armchair
Cardboard chair
Chair model "ribbon" - expert level.

All chairs on this page were made with the methods Schmulb Series 3

Baroque cardboard chair
Of baroque style, here's chair Delphine

Cardboard chair

Paperboard chair
Simple but elegant cardboard chair with seat heel.